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Geophysical data analysis : by Menke, William George Soros on globalization / by Soros, George Groundwater by Freeze, R. Allan Handbook of liquefied natural gas / Heavy oil production processes / by Speight, James G. High acid crudes / by Speight, James G. Hydraulic fracturing chemicals and fluids technology / by Fink, Johannes Karl Hydrogeology by Hiscock, Kevin M. Integrated waterflood asset management / by Thakur, Ganesh C. International petroleum fiscal systems and production sharing contracts / by Johnston, Daniel Interpreting aerial photographs to identify natural hazards / by Glass, Charles E. Interpreting seismic data by Coffeen, J. A. Introducción a los mercados de futuros y opciones / by Hull, John, Introduction to mineralogy and petrology / by Haldar, S. H. Jaque mate a Ecopetrol / by Mena de Quevedo, Margarita La fotografía del siglo XX La imagen corporativa by Chaves, Norberto La seguridad industrial : by Grimaldi, John V. Laboratory manual in physical geology / Lecture notes on applied reservoir simulation / by Koederitz, Leonard Logo ¿qué? by Rodríguez González, Abelardo Mantenimiento total de la producción by Rey Sacristan, Francisco Manual básico prevención de riesgos laborales / by González Muñiz, Ramón Manual de fotografía digital by Daly, Tim Manual de mineralogía / by Klein, Cornelis Manual del dolor Mecánica de fluidos / Mecánica de fluidos / by Mott, Robert L. Metodología para el diseño sísmico 2D en Colombia / Métodos numéricos aplicados con software by Nakamura, Shoichiro Métodos Numéricos con MATLAB by Mathews, John H. Métodos y técnicas de investigación social I by Ander Egg, Ezequiel Modern well design by Aadnoy, Bernt S. Modern well test analysis : by Horne, Roland N. Multiphase flow in oil and gas well drilling / by Sun, Baojiang Nanotechnology : by Burke, Michael T. Natural gas engineering by Katz, Donald L. Natural gas production engineering by Kelkar, Mohan Natural gas reservoir engineering / by Ikoku, Chi U. Offshore pipelines : Oil an overview of the petroleum industry / by Grace, Robert Oil and gas production handbook : by Devold, Havard Oil and gas production in nontechnical language / by Raymond, Martin S. Openhole log analysis and formation evaluation / by Bateman, Richard M. Petroleum engineering handbook Petroleum engineering handbook. : Petroleum production engineering / by Guo, Boyun Petroleum production systems / Petroleum reservoir engineering : by Amyx, James W. Petroleum reservoir fluid property : by McCain, William D., Petrology of sedimentary rocks by Boggs, Sam Petrophysics : by Tiab, Djebbar Pipeline integrity handbook : by Singh, Ramesh Pipeline rules of thumb handbook : Piping and pipeline calculations manual : by Ellenberger, J. Phillip Pressure buildup and flow test in wells / by Matthews, C.S. Principles and prevention of corrosion / by Jones, Denny A. Process engineerin for a small planet : by Lieberman, Norman P. Production enhancement with acid stimulation / by Kalfayan, Leonard Production logging-theoretical and interpretive elements / by Hill, A.D. Progressing cavity pumps, downhole pumps, and mudmotors / by Nelik, Lev Quick look techniques for prospect evaluation by Tearpock, Daniel J. Química inorgánica by Carriedo Ule, Gabino A. Química y reactividad química / by Kotz, John C. Recommended practice for determining permeability of porous media / Recommended practice for fire prevention and control on fixed open-type offshore production platforms / Recommended practice for planing, designing and constructing fixed offshore platforms / Recommended practice for planning, designing and constructing heliports for fixed offshore platforms / Reliable maintenance planning, estimating, and scheduling / by Peters, Railph W. Reservoir exploration and appraisal / by Amado, Luiz Reservoir simulation / Reservoir stimulation / Returning carbon to nature : by Stephenson, Michael Sand Control / by Penberthy, W.L., Jr. Sedimentology and stratigraphy by Nichols, Gary Signos, símbolos, marcas, señales by Frutiger, Adrian Standard practice for calculating viscosity index from kinematic viscosity at 40°C and 100°C / Standard specifications and operating instructions for glass capillary kinematic viscometers / Standard test method for API gravity of crude petroleum and petroleum products (Hydrometer Method) / Standard test method for density, relative density, or API gravity of crude petroleum and liquid petroleum products by hydrometer method / Standard test method for flash and fire points by cleveland open cup tester / Standard test method for flash point by tag closed cup tester / Standard test method for sulfur in petroleum and petroleum products by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry / Standard test method for water and sediment in crude oil by the centrifuge method (laboratory procedure) / Standard test method for water in petroleum products and bituminous materials by distillation / Standard test methods for flash point by pensky-martens closed cup tester / Structural geology : by Ragan, Donal M. Structural methods for the exploration geologist by Badgley, Peter C. Structural styles in petroleum exploration by Lowell, James D. Surface production operations / by Arnold, Ken Sustainability assessment : by Ali, Mohammad Sustainable development in the process industries : Tecnología y margen de refino del petróleo / by Lluch Urpí, José The guide to oilwell fishing operations : by DeGeare, Joe The properties of petroleum fluids / by McCain, William D., Thinking beyond lean : by Cusumano, Michael A. UNE 1-039-94: : Unraveling environmental disasters / by Vallero, Daniel A. Well logging for earth scientists / by Ellis, Darwin V. Well test design and analysis / by Stewart, George, Working guide to drilling equipment and operations by Lyons, William C. World atlas of oil and gas basins / by Guoyu, Li