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Structural analysis and synthesis a laboratory course in structural geology by Rowland, Stephen Mark Publication: Singapore Blackwell Publishing 2007 . xi, 301 pages , Includes index; appendices. - - Appendix A. measuring attitudes with a brunton compass. - - B. Geolic timescale. - - C. Greek letters and their use in this book. - - D. Graph for determining exaggerated dips on structure sections with vertical exaggeration. - - E. Conversion factors. - - F. Common symbols used on geologic maps. - - G. Diagrams for use in problems. 27 cm Date: 2007 Availability: Items available: B. Campus los Cerros (1),

Basic petroleum geology / by Link, Peter K. Publication: Tulsa, Oklahoma : Ogci publications, 1987 . xii, 443 páginas Date: 1987 Availability: No items available: In transit (1),

Structural methods for the exploration geologist and a series of problems for structural geology students by Badgley, Peter C. Publication: United Stated of America Harper & Brothers 1959 . xv, 280 pages , Includes index 28 cm Date: 1959 Availability: Items available: B. Campus los Cerros (1),

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