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Lazic, Zivorad R.

Design of experiments in chemical engineering a practical guide Zivorad R. Lazic - x, 610 pages Illustrations, figures, tables 25 cm

Includes sppendix, index. - - Appendix A1. answers to selected problems. - - A2. Tables of statistical funtions.

Introduction to statistic for engineers. - - Design and analysis of experiments. - - Mixture design "composition-property".

The last twenty years of the last millennium are characterized by complex automatization of industrial plants. Complex automatization of industrial plants means a switch to factories, automatons, robots and self adaptive optimization systems. The mentioned processes can be intensified by introducing mathematical methods into all physical and chemical processes. By being acquainted with the mathematical model of a process it is possible to control it, maintain it at an optimal level, provide maximal yield of the product, and obtain the product at a minimal cost. Statical methods in mathematical modeling of a process should not be opposed to traditional theoretical methods of complete theoretical studiesof a phenomenon.


Diseño de experimentos
Estadistica para ingenieros
Ingenieria Quimica

660 / L431

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