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The new public governance? : Emerging Perspectives on the Theory and Practice of Public Governance / editor Stephen P. Osborne - xv, 431 páginas ; ilustraciones, figuras, tablas. 23 cm

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The (New) Public Governance: a suitable case for treatment? Stephen P. Osborne. - - Part I Theoretical perspectives on public governance. - - Global perspectives on governance. - - Meta-governance and public management. - - Innovations in governance. - - Governance and governability. - - Does governance exist? - - What endures? Public governance and the cycle of reform. - - Part II Governance and interorganizational partnerships to deliver public services. - - Theory of organizational partnerships: partnership advantages, disadvantages and success factors. - - Public-private partnerships and public governance challenges. - - Introducing the theory of collaborative advantage. - - Relationship marketing, relational capital and the governance of public services delivery. - - Leading across frontiers: how visionary leaders integrate people, processes, structures and resources. - - Public governance and the third sector: opportunities for co-production and innovation? - - Part III Governance of contractual relationships. - - Governance, contract management and public management. - - Governance of outsourcing and contractual relationships. - - The governance of contracting relationships: "killing the golden goose" A third-sector perspective. - - Part IV Governance of interorganizational networks. - - Trust in governance networks: looking for conditions for innovative solutions and outcomes. - - Implementation and managerial networking in the New Public Governance. - - From new public management to networked community governance? Strategic local public service networks in England. - - Part V Governance of policy networks. - - Policy networks: theory and practice. - - Policy networks in practice: the debate on the future of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. - - Governance, networks and policy change: the case of cannabis in the United Kingdom. - - Conclusions: Public governance and public services delivery: a research agenda for the future.

Despite predictions that 'new public management' would establish itself as the new paradigm of Public Administration and Management, recent academic research has highlighted concerns about the intra-organizational focus and limitations of this approach. This book represents a comprehensive analysis of the state of the art of public management, examining and framing the debate in this important area. The New Public Governance? sets out to explore this emergent field of research and to present a framework with which to understand it. Divided into five parts, the book examines: • Theoretical underpinnings of the concept of governance, especially competing perspectives from Europe and the US • Governance of inter-organizational partnerships and contractual relationships • Governance of policy networks • Lessons learned and future directions Under the steely editorship of Stephen Osborne and with contributions from leading academics including Owen Hughes, John M. Bryson, Don Kettl, Guy Peters and Carsten Greve, this book will be of particular interest to researchers and students of public administration, public management, public policy and public services management. [Taken from the source]"

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