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Lyons, William C.

Working guide to drilling equipment and operations William C. Lyons - xiv, 602 pages Ilustrations, figures 23 cm

Includes index

Drilling muds and completion systems. - - Drill string: composition and design. - - Air and gas drilling. - - Directional drilling. - - Selection of drilling practices. - - Well pressure control. - - Fishing operations and equipment. - - Casing and casing string design. - - Well cementing. - - Tubing and tubing string design. - - Environmental considerations dor drilling operations.

Detailsand theory behind procedures are discussed in an easy to understand way. Explanation of drilling rig equipment and procedures provide the fundamentals necessary te begin a career in drilling operations or engineering, or for cross-training team efforts. This includes: basic knowledge of the intricacies of drilling fluid; drilled solids management; drill bits; drill string design; directional drilling; cementing; casing; hydraulic optimization; and a discussion of predominant problems such as stuck pipe and lost circulation. Working Guide to Drilling Equipment and Operations offers a practical guide to drilling technologies and procedures. The book begins by introducing basic concepts such as the functions of drilling muds; types of drilling fluids; testing of drilling systems; and completion and workover fluids. This is followed by discussions of the composition of the drill string; air and gas drilling operations; and directional drilling. The book identifies the factors that should be considered for optimized drilling operations: health, safety, and environment; production capability; and drilling implementation. It explains how to control well pressure. It details the process of fishing, i.e. removal of a fish (part of the drill string that separates from the upper remaining portion of the drill string) or junk (small items of non-drillable metals) from the borehole. The remaining chapters cover the different types of casing and casing string design; well cementing; the proper design of tubing; and the environmental aspects of drilling.


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