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Boggs, Sam

Petrology of sedimentary rocks Sam Boggs - xi, 707 pages ilustrations 26 cm

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Origin, classification, and occurrence of sedimentary rocks. - - Sedimentary textures. - - Sedimentary structures. - - Sandstones: composition. - - Sandstones: classification and petrography. - - Conglomerates. - - Shales. - - Provenance of siliciclastic sedementary rocks. - - Diagenesis of sandstones and shales. - - Carbonate sedimentary rocks. - - Dolomites. - - Diagenesis of carbonate rocks. - - Evaporites, cherts, iron-rich sedimentary rocks, and phosphorites. - - Carbonaceous sedimentary rocks.

The aim of this book, echoing F. J. Pettijohn in the third edition of his classic textbook sedimentary rocks, is to tell the user something about sedimentary rocks rather than about sedimentation. Therefore, this book emphasizes the characteristics of sedimentary rocks rather than sedimentary processes. It focuses on the compositional, textural, and structural characteristics of sedimentary rocks and the various ways that we can use these properties as tools for interpreting provenance and diagenetic history. Aspects of depositional environments are also considered, particularly with respect to the chemical/biochemicalseimentary rocks; however, no attempt is made to provide comprehensive coverage of depositional environments.


Rocas Sedimentarias

552.5 / B634

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