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Badgley, Peter C.

Structural methods for the exploration geologist and a series of problems for structural geology students Peter C. Badgley - xv, 280 pages Ilustrations 28 cm

Includes index

Introduction to descriptive geometry as applied to structural geology. - - Outcrop patterns. - - Constrution of geological cross sections. - - Structure contour maps. - - Isopach, isochore, and convergence maps. - - Isometric projections and ore reserve estimations. - - Solution of inclides fault problems by descriptive geometry. - - The use of stereographic projections in solving structural problems. - - Tectonic analysis of mining and petroleum districts as an exploration tool.

This book is designed to give a comprehensive coverage of structural geology methods and to demonstrate their application in exploration. The work was initially compiled to meet the laboratory requirements of undergraduate and graduate structural courses at the Colorado School of Mines. It was later expanded to be valuable for professional geologists also. Many individual aspects of this book have been treated well by other authors, but there is nothing currently available wich brings the whole subject into one volume. The bibliographies have been made extensive to permit deeper investigation by those interested. These references will also serve to give credit to those authors and publicatins which may not have been acknowledged specifically in the text. The book began as a group of structural problems drawn largely from the writer's own exploration experience. The author believes that actual field problems stimulate greater interest than abstract ones. Slight modifications have been made in many cases to adjust the actual field conditions for use in the classroom.

Geología estructural

551.8 / B135

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