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Fetter, C. W. 1942-

Applied hydrogeology C. W. Fetter - 4th edition - 612 pages Ilustrations 25 cm

Includes index

Water. - - Elements of the hydrologic cicle. - - Properties of aquifers. - - Principles of ground-water flow. - - Ground-water flow to wells. - - Soil moisture and ground-water recharge. - - Regional ground-water flow. - - Geology of ground-water occurrence. - - Water chemistry. - - Water quality and ground-water contamination. - - Ground-water development and management. - - Ground-water models. - - Field methods.

The text is designed for advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate-level courses in hydrology, groundwater hydrology, hydrogeology, and civil engineering. This best selling text gives students a balanced examination of all facets of hydrogeology. The text stresses the application of mathematics to problem solving rather than derivation of theory. It provides a balance between physical and chemical hydrogeology. Numerous case studies cultivate student understanding of the occurrence and movement of ground water in a variety of geologic settings.


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