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Arnold, Ken

Surface production operations / Ken Arnold, Maurice Stewart - 3rd ed. - 2 volúmenes : ilustraciones ; 24 cm.

Include appendix, glossary and index. -- Appendix A. Definition of key water treating terms. -- B. Water sanpling tecniques. -- C. Oil concentration analysis tecniques.

V.1 contains, design of oil handling systems and facilities. The production facility. -- Process selection. -- Basic principles. -- Three-phase oil and water separation. -- Mechanical design of pressure vesseis. -- Crude oil treating and oil desalting systems. -- Produced water treating systems. -- Water injection systems. -- V.2 surface prodution operations. -- Overview of gas-handling, conditioning, and processing. -- Basic principles. -- Heat transfer theory. -- Hydrate prediction and prevention. -- Condensate stabilization. -- Gas sweetening. -- Gas processing. -- Safety systems.

The latest edition of this best-selling title is updated and expanded for easier use by engineers. New to this edition is a section on the fundamentals of surface production operations taking up topics from the oilfield as originally planned by the authors in the first edition. This information is necessary and endemic to production and process engineers. Now, the book offers a truly complete picture of surface production operations, from the production stage to the process stage with applications to process and production engineers. New in-depth coverage of hydrocarbon characteristics, the different kinds of reservoirs, and impurities in crude. Practical suggestions help readers understand the art and science of handling produced liquids. Numerous, easy-to-read figures, charts, tables, and photos clearly explain how to design, specify, and operate oilfield surface production facilities.

9780123822079 V.2 9780750678537 V.1

Campos de petróleos--Métodos de producción
Campos petróleos--Equipos y sumistros
Gas de refineria--Equipos y suministros
Ingeniería de petróleos--Equipos

665.5 / A752

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