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Leveson, Nancy G.

Engineering a safer world : Systems thinking applied to safety / Nancy G. Leveson - xx, 534 páginas : ilustraciones ; 23 cm.

Includes appendix A. Definitions. -- B. The loss of a satellite. -- C. A bacterial contaminationof a public water supply. -- D. A brief introduction to system dynamics modeling., contents and index.

Why do we need something different?. -- Questioning the foundations of traditional safety engineering. -- Systems theory and its relationship to safety. -- A systems-theoretic view of causality. -- A friendly fire accident. -- Engineering and operating safer systems using STAMP. -- Fundamentals. -- STPA: A new hazard analysis technique. -- Safety-guided design. -- Integrating safety into system engineering. -- Analyzing accidents and incidents (CAST). -- Controlling safety during operations. -- Managing safety and the safety culture. -- SUBSAFE: an example of a successful safety program.

Engineering has experienced a technological revolution, but the basic engineering techniques applied in safety and reliability engineering have changed very little over the years. In this groundbreaking book, Nancy Leveson proposes a new approach to safety based on modern systems thinking and systems theory. Revisting and updating ideas pioneered by 1950s aerospace engineers in their system safety concept, Leveson presents a new, extended model of causation.


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