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Dutta, Suman

Optimization in chemical engineering / Suman Dutta - xx., 362 páginas : ilustraciones, tablas ; 25 cm

Includes index and bibliographic references

A brief discussion on optimization. -- Formulation of optimization problems in chemical and biochemical engineering. -- Single variable unconstrained optimization methods. -- Trust-region methods. -- Optimization of unconstrained multivariable functions. -- . Multivariable optimization with constraints. -- Optimization of staged and discrete processes. -- Some advanced topics in optimization. -- Nontraditional optimization. Optimization of various chemical and biochemical processes; Statistical optimization. -- Software tools for optimization processes.

Optimization is used to determine the most appropriate value of variables under given conditions. The primary focus of using optimisation techniques is to measure the maximum or minimum value of a function depending on the circumstances. This book discusses problem formulation and problem solving with the help of algorithms such as secant method, quasi-Newton method, linear programming and dynamic programming. It also explains important chemical processes such as fluid flow systems, heat exchangers, chemical reactors and distillation systems using solved examples. The book begins by explaining the fundamental concepts followed by an elucidation of various modern techniques including trust-region methods, Levenberg-Marquardt algorithms, stochastic optimization, simulated annealing and statistical optimization. It studies the multi-objective optimization technique and its applications in chemical engineering and also discusses the theory and applications of various optimization software tools including LINGO, MATLAB, MINITAB and GAMS.


Ingeniería química

660.02 / D979

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