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Vallero, Daniel A.

Unraveling environmental disasters / Daniel A. Vallero, Trevor M. Letcher - xi, 500 páginas : ilustraciones, tablas ; 24 cm.

Include glossary and index

Disasters as failures. -- Types of failure. -- Science. -- Explosions. -- Plumes. -- Leaks. -- Spills. -- Fires. -- Climate. -- Nature. -- Minerals. -- Recalcitrance. -- Invasions. -- Products. -- Unsustainability. -- Society. -- Future.

Unraveling environmental disasters covers thwe major environmental threats facing our world, focusing on rigorous scientific investigations to better understand why the disasters occurred. Two prominet scientists, physical chemist trevor letcher and environmental engineer Daniel Vallero, look at natural and human-induced disasters to analyze waus that they could have been prevented and offer predictions on possible future disasters based upon scientific evidence.


Desastres ambientales

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