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Koller, Tim

Valuation : Measurinf and managing the value of companies / Tim Koller, Marc Goedhart, David Wessels - 5th ed. - xvii., 811 páginas : ilustraciones, gráficos, tablas ; 26 cm.

Include appendix, contents and index. -- Appendix A. Economic profit and the key value driver formula. -- B. Discounted economic profit equals discounted free cash flow. -- C. Derivatin of free cash flow, weighted average cost of capital, and adjusted present value. -- D. Levering and unlevering the cost of equality. -- Appendix E. Leverage and the price-to-earnings multiple

Foundations of value. -- Why value values? -- Return on invested capital. -- Core Valuation techniques. -- Reorganizing the financial statements. -- Forecasting performance. -- Estimating the cost of capital. -- Using multiples to triangulate results. -- Three intrinsic value and the stock market. -- Emotions and mispricing in the market. -- Managing for value. -- Corporate portfolio strategy. -- Performance management. -- Capital structure. -- Advanced valuation issues. -- Leases, pensions, and other obligations. -- Capitalized expenses. -- Special situations. -- Valuing flexibility. -- Valuation in emerging markets. -- Valuing cyclical companies. -- Valuing banks

In this fifth edition, we continue to expand the practical application of finance to real business problems, reflecting the economic events of the past decade, new development in academic finance, and the autors' own experiences. The edition is organized in six parts, each with a district focus.


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