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Skills for success : The Experts Show the Way / edited by Soundview - 111 páginas : ilustraciones ; 23 cm. - Soundview executive book summaries. .

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You can be successful -- Set goals for yourself -- Creativity: open your mind -- Listen and learn -- Effective speaking -- Managing your reading -- Make the best decisions -- Managing your stress -- Avoid burnout -- Get organized -- The phone: friend or foe? -- Cut back the paperwork -- Communicating -- You're on stage -- Skills for the future -- Hire the right people -- Firing: it must be done -- Motivation: it's up to you -- Give valuable feed back -- Improve your delegating skills -- Negotiate to win -- Make meetings worthwhile -- Leadership: the real test.

This book will speed up your progress upward. It explores the big problems but doesn't ignore the nagging little ones. It is a distillation of the best ideas on achieving success taken from the more than 300 Soundview Executive Book Summaries published in the past 10 plus years. It gives you the ideas and how-to that can make the difference between your personal success and failures. To give 4 examples: (1). It tells you in succinct fashion how to improve yourself (eg by taking 8 steps to better decision making);m (2). Top leaders tell their secrets of success (eg Former ITT CEO, Harold Geneen, says that the ability to lead can be acquired); (3).Test yourself while reading this book (eg Afraid of burnout? (Make it positive)); and (4). Are the little things slowing your pace (eg Buried in paperwork? Stephanie Winston will help you to extricate yourself). There are, of course, many more than these. This book consists of 23 useful, practical chapters that will make you get ahead as soon as possiblke.

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