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Dewan, John T.

Essentials of modern open-hole log interpretation / John T. Dewan. - xii, 361 páginas : ilustraciones, cuadros, gráficos ; 23 cm.

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The logging environment. -- Evaluation of Hydrocarbons. -- Permeable zone logs. -- Resistivity logs. -- Porosity logs. -- Clean formation interpretation. -- Shaly formation interpretation. -- Prediction of producibility. -- Wellsite computed logs. -- Recommended logging suites.

The aim of this book is to present modern log interpretation as simply and concisely as possible. Te book is written for the geologist, petrophysicist, reservoir engineer, or production engineer who is familiar with rock properties but has little experience with logs. It will help him specify good logging programs with up-to-date tools and hand-interpret zones of interest with the latest techniques. The book will also familiarize him with computer-processed logs generated by the service companies at the wellsite. Accordingly, obsolete logging tools are mentioned only in perspective. Very brief descriptions of the instruments in common use indicate how they apply to different logging conditions. Salient features of new tools including spectral gamma ray, Litho-density, Dual Porosity Neutron and long-spacing sonic, emphasize how these tools fit into the everyday logging picture. The interpreter need not be overly concerned how a tool operates. What is important is the instrument\2019s response to the various formation and borehole variables.


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