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Vector mechanics for engineers : dynamics / Ferdinand P. Beer ... [y otros]. - 8th ed. - xxiii, 602-1355 páginas : ilustraciones, cuadros, fotos en color, gráficos ; 25 cm.

Incluye apéndice e índice. -- Apéndice. Fundamentals of engineering examination

Kinematics of particles. -- Kinetics of particles: Newton\2019s second law. -- Kinetics of particles: Energy and momentum methods. -- Systems of particles. -- Kinematics of rigid bodies. -- Plane motion of figid bodies: Forces and accelerations. -- Plane motion of rigid bodies: Energy and momentum methods. -- Kinetics of figid bodies in three dimensions. -- Mechanical vibrations. Rectilinear motion of particles. -- Curvilinear motion of particles. -- Work of a force. -- Kenetic energy of a particle. Principle of work and energy. -- Application of Newton\2019s laes to the motion of a system. -- Conservation of momentum for a system of particles. -- Translation. -- Rotation about a fixed axis . -- General plane motion. -- Equations of motion for a rigid body. -- Solution of problems involving the motion of a rigid body. -- Principle of work and energy for a rigid body. -- Conservation of energy. -- Anfular momentum of a rigid body in three dimensions. -- Steady precession of a gyroscope . -- Free vibrations of particles. Simple harmonic motion. -- Damped vibrations. -- Review and summary for chapter.


Analisis vectorial
Mecanica aplicada--Problemas, ejercicios, etc

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