Shuler, Michael L.

Bioprocess engineering Basic concepts Michel L. Shuler, Fikret Kargi. - 2nd edition - xx, 553 pages illustrations 24 cm

Includes index, appendix. - - Traditional industrial bioprocesses

What is a bioprocess engineer?. - - An overview of biological basics. - - Enzymes. - - How cells work. - - Major metabolicpathways. - - How cells grow. - - Stoichiometry of microbial growth and product formation. - - How cellular information is alteres. - - Operating considerations for bioreactors for suspension and immobilized cultures. - - Selection, scale-up, operation, and control of bioreactors. - - Recovery and purification of products. - - Bioprocess considerations in using animal cell cultures. - - Bioprocess considerations in using plant cell cultures. - - Utilizing genetically engineered organisms. - - Medical applications of bioprocess engineering. - - Mixed cultures.

In the decade since the first edition of bioprocess engineering: basic concepts, biotechnology has undergone several revolutions. Currently, the ability to sequence the genome of whole organims presents opportunities that could be hardly envisioned ten years ago. Many other technological advances have ocurred that provide bioprocess engineers with new tools to serve society better. However, the principles of bioprocess engineering stated in the first edition remain sound.


Ingenieria bioquimica

660.63 / S562

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