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Tearpock, Daniel J.

Applied subsurface geological mapping / Daniel J. Tearpock, Richard E. Bischke; editor Laurence G. Walker - 2nd ed. - xxx, 822 páginas : ilustraciones ; 28 cm.

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Introduction to subsurface mapping. -- Contouring and techniques. -- Directionally drilled wells and directional surveys. -- Log correlation techniques. -- Fault maps. -- Structure maps. -- Extensional structures: balancing and interpretation. -- Growth structures. -- Isochore and isopach maps.

Applied Subsurface Geological Mapping, With Structural Methods, 2nd Edition is the practical, up-to-the-minute guide to the use of subsurface interpretation, mapping, and structural techniques in the search for oil and gas resources. Two of the industry's leading consultants present systematic coverage of the field's key principles and newest advances, offering guidance that is valuable for both exploration and development activities, as well as for "detailed" projects in maturely developed areas. Fully updated and expanded, this edition combines extensive information from the published literature with significant material never before published. The authors introduce superior techniques for every major petroleum-related tectonic setting in the world.


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550.223 / T253

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