A history of managing for quality : the evolution, trends, and future directions of managing for quality / edited by,Joseph M. Juran - xv, 688 páginas : ilustraciones ; 24 cm.

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Ancient China's History of managing for quiality. -- Managing for quality in Ancient Israel. -- Quality management in the construction. -- Quality in early India: diffrent levels. -- Quiality in early Scandinavian shipbuilding. -- Managing for quiality in ancient Rome. -- History of quiality assurance in Germany. -- Development of quality control in minig. -- The arcenale ofthe venetian republic. -- The story of the quiality of clocks. -- Examples of quiality management in the histiry of Russia. -- Guilds and Cathedral building. -- How the french arms industry mastered qualiry. -- The history of managing for quality the United Kingdom. -- Quiality management in nineteenth-century. -- The recent historty of managing for quality in Japan. -- The history of managing for quality in the United States. -- Summary , trends, and prodnosis.

Dr. Joseph M. Juran has compiled an international history of Quality Management of the landmark UN volume of paramount importance and unquestionable authority. Each chapter Quality management described the UN During Specific Time Period and member in a specific area of the world through the centuries . A very different Authors group , each a recognized International History Quality Authority, was chosen to produce esta expansive work that focuses on the broad perspectives of quality, rather than on methods or specific industries. Dr. Juran, From a Lifetime of Experience and Research offers its Reflections on the History of Quality Management in the US And gives remarkable Summary Charting UN Global Trends and directions Possible Quality in the next century .


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